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Super Bowl Advertising

We know it’s cliché to post a blog about Super Bowl ads the day after the “Big Game” but being a part of the advertising industry you can’t help but get caught up in our fellow agencies putting together some great ads on the biggest stage in US television.  When choosing the best advertising plan companies and agencies both look at what is the biggest “bang for the buck”.  Once you have targeted your market and message the next step is to find out what is the best (read most economically advantages) way to get that message out to your market.  For big brands with big budgets that want to talk to a large section of the market TV advertising is often a great way to get their message to consumers.

What we can’t stop talking about at Allied Effect is how much the price per viewer has gone up for Super Bowl advertising in the recent years.  According to a Forbes article on the subject in the last ten year (2004 – 2014) the ad dollars spent per viewer have gone from $2.09 to $3.00 (inflation has been adjusted for).  Does this mean the Super Bowl audience is worth more then it was 10 years ago?  Has the streaming video content and loss of TV viewership as a whole made the Super Bowl that much more valuable to TV advertisers?  Looking at the last 10 years we would have to say, Yes.  We also want to mention one must take into effect the amount of publicity these advertisers receive for advertising during the Super Bowl.  While they are taking advantage of the most watched single day sporting event in the world they also take into account the extra buzz and attention they receive from great blog post such as this one to the millions of YouTube views that will rack up after the commercial has aired.  It looks to us that advertisers are getting a lot for the almost $4.5 Million average being reported for a 30 second spot during the 2015 Super Bowl.

Ok so what was your favorite ad during this year’s Super Bowl?  The winner at Allied Effect was Squarespace’s  It had great placement early in the game, it was funny, and most importantly for us advertising dorks it had a great followup with the website.

Some may get a little tired of hearing all the “news” about Super Bowl commercials but we’re Ok with it as long as advertisers keep working with great agencies to produce good commercials incorporating all the other advertising areas available in today’s market.