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Google’s April 21st, 2015 Mobile-Friendly Update

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Starting today Google will be boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly websites on mobile devices. In simple terms this means if your website is NOT responsive or mobile-friendly you will see your click-through rate from organic Google search impressions drop from users on mobile devices because your website will be showing up lower in the search rankings compared to websites that are responsive or mobile-friendly.

Technically this change is on a page level, meaning that if some of your website is made of mobile-friendly or responsive pages those pages will not be hurt in the search rankings on mobile devices. Another note is the difference between a responsive website and a mobile-friendly specific version website will not matter according to Google. Both will be equally boosted vs. their non mobile-friendly counterparts as part of this new focus.

This update only affects mobile devices so you will see no change in your desktop and tablet Google rankings based on the responsiveness of your website. While you might not think a lot of your website visitors are on a mobile device you would be very surprised with the actually numbers. Many of the websites Allied Effect manages see 30-40%+ of monthly traffic from mobile devices. If you have any questions about making your website responsive and mobile-friendly please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in transforming your website to a mobile-friendly platform.

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For a more in-depth look into Google’s mobile-friendly update visit their FAQ Blog Post on the subject;

You can also test your website’s mobile-friendliness directly with Google;