Event Marketing

Power World Trade Show ISE Denver 2014I have personally loved event marketing as a way to connect with potential and current customers since I worked for a Top 40 radio station during college.  I started out as an intern for a popular morning show and one of my jobs would be to head out every morning to perform bits or give away concert tickets in town during the morning commute.  I realized very quickly how bad fans of the show wanted to connect with the voice from their radio.  Being the lowly intern who was made to drive around and compete silly tasks had its advantage when fans would come share how much they loved the show and were excited to meet someone from it.

Fast forward a few years and I’m still working with brands who are constantly looking to get their message across to potential customers by going to them.  And guess what I’m still using event marketing and include experiential marketing as part of 99% of the marketing plans I put together for businesses.  We all know how important online and social media advertising is but there is still something to be said for an honest face to face conversation.

Allied Effect finished up a trade show last weekend for a great client who is located in a small mountain town in Colorado.  They are looking to expand their customer base in the Denver metro area so we set them up at the International Sportsmen’s Expo held annually at the Colorado Convention Center.  With the majority of attendees recreating in the mountain towns of Colorado many knew the exact location of the client’s business but had never stopped in.  By brining the client to the customer in their own backyard and marketing to them in an event setting not only were sales made but the client was able to learn from the face to face conversations with customers what to do in order to earn their business.

Event and Experiential Marketing is not only about closing sales it’s about the hands on approach you can only give your customer when you talk to them in person and have them use your product while you facilitate the experience.  Marketing to a person with a person gives you the possibility to make them a life long loyal customer.

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