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Logo Design can be a difficult project to complete when starting a company or rebranding a current organization.  And to be honest that’s OK.  After your businesses name, a logo is one of the first items potential customers will see and remember. I f you aren’t happy with your logo and don’t like the way it looks on your website or other marketing materials what do you think consumers will think about it?

Depending on how many cooks you have in the kitchen the process can take a long time and have many revisions.  The first thing to think about when starting your Logo Design is to plain for the length of time you have.  Are you pitching a startup to potential investors at the end of the week and need something ASAP or are you looking at rebranding your company and have a flexible time table.  Don’t set yourself up for frustration and set a time table and share with everyone involved from final decision makers to graphic artists.

As with most creative processes the more information you can provide to the artist the better.  Don’t be afraid to share all your notes, sketches, and other logos you and your team like to have a starting point.  Once you have your starting point let the artists begin.  This process is hard to explain but I came across the video below that has a wonderful artist featured and he does a great job of taking the viewer through his process of creating a logo design.

A final note about Logo Design, Please work with a graphic designer or artist you trust. Get a deal in writing and know what to expect.  Allied Effect has worked with many clients that need to have their logo designs “re-created” in order to have the correct digital file manufactured to keep their brand correct across all advertising mediums.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get input from multiple sources.  The final product will be your logo for many years to come and every logo design professional wants you to be happy with the final version.

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from lynda.com on Vimeo.

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