Website Hosting Fees

How much do you spend on website hosting fees a year?  If you don’t know, NOW is the time to check the Amex statement and learn.  Everyone company has, or should have, a website so why is it that the majority of business owners I meet with are still paying too much to host their company’s website?  It may seem like a small budgeting item to miss but by paying too much for your website you are missing out on allocating those dollars towards other marketing avenues.  Many businesses find great ROI on online advertising none I know of are getting a better return from their website by simply paying more a year to have it hosted.

Website hosting has turned into a more boring version but just as important of the phone bill.  Once the average business gets setup with a plan and is used to paying the bill they will continue to until someone has the time to price check and let’s be honest that can be a while.  Allied Effect has enabled many clients to turn a yearly marketing budget of $0 into $1,000s just by helping them price check the current services they are paying for and finding ways to cut those costs.

If it has been a few years since you have checked into what you’re paying your web designer, website hosting company, e-mail provider, media buyer, etc. contact Allied Effect to setup a consultation and we’ll go through  your marketing costs and help lower them where possible.

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