Rebranding a Company

Expanding your business?  Growing into new areas and looking to rebrand a company?  Allied Effect is a great partner to help you through the process of rebranding. The idea of rebranding, especially in a market like Colorado, can be exciting and overwhelming. Beyond the new colors, fresh logos, and enhanced ideas is a complex and sometimes complicated process. A successful rebrand requires research and collaboration, and Allied Effect is willing and able to collaborate with you on a successful rebranding for your company.

Allied Effect will shoulder the researching burden with you and your team to ensure that a rebrand is right for you. We will communicate with your employees and current clients to make sure that rebranding your company is the right decision. We will ask you tough but fair questions to assure that rebranding is indeed the direction you’d like to go.

After affirming that rebranding is the correct decision, Allied Effect will assist you with budgeting for your rebrand and will develop an aggressive but realistic timeline in which to complete the rebrand. We will help you list your key objectives while documenting every step along the way. The risk involved is real, but with Allied Effect, it does not have to be frightening.

Once we complete the nuts-and-bolts portion of the rebrand, Allied Effect will assist you with an appropriate roll out of the rebrand. Some of your employees may be apprehensive about a rebrand. With our help, you can be certain that your employees will be appropriately enthusiastic about the necessary changes. We use our expertise and teamwork to conduct effective internal PR that will garner support for the big decision you’ve made.  Upon completion of the internal PR step, Allied Effect will help you get the word out to current and potential clients as well as Colorado as a whole. Our external PR strategies and expertise in hosting launch parties for your newly rebranded business will bring positive press to your process.  You may even consider introducing the new you using our Trade Show, Local Event Marketing, or Festival Marketing strategies.

Finally, we will help you vigilantly defend your new brand in the face of resistance. Allied Effect can help you place your new brand in the ears, eyes, and hearts of your client base, both new and existing.

Please visit our Blog for more information about Allied Effect. You can also check out our Portfolio slideshow for samples of our work and contact us at to get started!