TV Advertising

On average, Americans over the age of 2 watch about 34 hours of television a week, not including binge watching their favorite TV shows. That’s more than 275 million pairs of eyes dedicating 9.35 BILLION hours in front of the TV on average per year. All those eyes and all those hours translate to an abundance of awareness and profound potential for profit. At Allied Effect, we harness these mind-bogglingly large numbers in favor of one: you.

If you are thinking about advertising your business on TV in Colorado, let Allied Effect help hit your target market with the lowest rates and get the best return on investment possible. We understand how challenging and daunting the idea of finding the proper slot for your next world-beating TV ad can be and will help guide you throughout the process. Our goal is to help your TV ad find your target demographic and spin the eyeballs on the screen into money in your coffers. We are committed to finding you the lowest rates and highest returns on spots for the newest and most popular local shows and negotiating even lower rates for spots between popular reruns on the most-watched Colorado TV networks.

No matter the time of year, Allied Effect will work diligently to assure that you have the highest ROI for the lowest cost. We are committed to showing your future clients your sweeping spring clearances, your hot summer trends, your cool autumn deals, and your festive holiday wares. Allied Effect will bargain on your behalf so that you can continue to produce the highest-quality ads to reach your demographic.

Not sure who your target demographic is? Let Allied Effect consult with you about the strongest methods and messages you can use to expand your business and introduce your product, service, or cause to those hungry eyes focused on the TV screen. Whether you’re looking to reach the eyes watching KKTV 11, KCNC 4, or KKCO 11, Allied Effect can place your ad on the most watched Colorado-oriented TV stations. It is our business to find the low-rate, high-return opportunities for you.

When Americans aren’t working, they’re watching, and we want them to watch you. Allied Effect will turn those 34 hours of TV watching from what is nearly a full-time job to an exercise in intrigue, a venerable viewing experience guaranteed to raise awareness and improve profits. We will diligently work with any of the 100s of TV stations statewide to help you reach your goals.

Why not go for the media Triple Crown and become the American Pharoah of marketing? By combining Allied Effect’s Colorado-focused TV advertising strategies with our Radio Advertising and Website Development services, you can assure that your message stays with your clients whether they are in the car, at their desk, or on the couch. Our marketing strategies will not only get you in the race but also give your clients the confidence to double down on your products, services, and causes. To get started, contact us at