Event Marketing

When you want to attract more customers, and go from a small, obscure product to a well-known brand, you have to diversify your marketing strategy. In addition to traditional marketing methods like newspaper, radio and magazine ads, it’s important to get up close and personal with consumers to add the human element to your brand. This means going beyond what other businesses are doing, and that’s where experiential and event marketing comes into play. This engaging, interactive marketing strategy creates an experience that the customer will likely never forget. This can be accomplished through hosted events including trade shows, festivals, and local events.

People bond with brands that they feel they can relate to, and it takes some effort to build this relationship. One of the best and most direct ways to do it is face to face, but as a business owner strapped for time, this isn’t always possible; that’s why we do it for you. We participate in tradeshows and create buzz about your company, giving people the opportunity to meet a face behind the organization.

Whether you decide to sponsor a festival, or a local event, Allied Effect will present the lighthearted side of your business, and create a positive, memorable experience for everyone in attendance. From photo ops to charity dinners, we coordinate a wide range of events for our clients, and we’re very good at what we do. The level of event and experiential marketing that we employ depends on the impact that you want to make with the customer. To ensure that your business is front and center when it’s time to make a buying decision, you have to give the customer a reason to remember you, kind of like a first kiss. It’s an experience of a lifetime, and that’s exactly the level of engagement that we aim for with experiential and event marketing. When done properly, your customers will become brand ambassadors, and increase your following and revenue by leaps and bounds.

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