Festival Marketing

Festival Marketing is a great resource for businesses looking to market locally, throughout Colorado, or nationwide. Allied Effect works with many festivals to partner our clients with the correct event. Colorado is the home of hundreds of festivals yearly. The Alpenglow Free Summer Concerts, Mt. Crested Butte Chili and Beer Festival, and the Colorado State Fair are just a few of the many examples of festivals that can serve as a fantastic starting point for marketing your local, Colorado-based business.

Allied Effect will work closely with your business to determine the best festivals and events in Colorado that will provide the greatest returns on your marketing campaign. Similar to our Trade Show and Local Event Marketing services, Allied Effect will guide you from deciding at which festivals you will market all the way through to posting your activities and representation at the festival on your website. We can research your target market to determine the best festivals for you, raise awareness of your participation at your local Colorado festival, and train your employees to present your product or service effectively and passionately.

Allied Effect will also advise you on the best activities to include in your festival marketing plan. From games to raffles and prizes, there are countless ways to draw in happy and excited festival-goers to consider your unique product or service. Allied Effect can also help you become a sponsor of your local event, which will increase awareness of your company, product, or service while you positively contribute to the Colorado business environment.

Our team of graphic designers and event planners will assure that your marketing campaign is completed on time, adheres to both simple and complex goals, and is presented in a professional but fun manner. We will interact with local media for increased coverage on your participation at the festival. We will also provide you with tools and partners to document the goings-on at the festival so that you may use the coverage in future marketing campaigns.

Allied Effect has a history of success with festival marketing available in our Portfolio slideshow. Please contact us at info@alliedeffect.com for more information and to begin your festival marketing strategy today!