Local Event Marketing

Local Event Marketing is a great resource for small businesses. Allied Effect provides staff, event sites, and more to those businesses that are looking for some help at local events. We take a comprehensive approach to reserving venues, raising awareness about the event among potential and existing clients, sharing the activities of the event in real time, and recapping the event after it is through.

The Colorado business scene is booming, which gives your small- to medium-sized business the opportunity to reach clients statewide through a countless number of venues and events. Allied Effect excels in finding the right events for your business and guides you through the process of a successful local marketing campaign, from reserving a spot or venue to the sensational recap of the event on your website. We take pride in our ability to raise awareness of your company’s participation in a local event with our E-Mail Marketing, Social-Media Marketing, and Trade-Show strategies. We will help you craft and send eye-catching e-mails, train your employees on the best practices for presenting your product or service within the context of the event, and work to increase online awareness to draw clients both near and far. We will also work with prominent local figures and businesses to promote your appearance as well.

Our dedicated creative team can write up blog posts and other literature to further raise awareness about your company’s appearance at your local event. Allied Effect can contact important players within your market, provide them with the important aspects of your campaign, and have them promote your appearance at the event. We will also work with relevant audio and video partners to document the success of your appearance for later use on your website, which will continue the conversation after the event and draw even more attention to your business, product, or service. We can also contact local media to cover your appearance, which may lead to Print, Radio, or TV advertising opportunities in the future. We can even help you coordinate a raffle or contest on site, which can help you gather e-mails for future marketing considerations. These are just some of the many services Allied Effect can offer you during a local event!

Our job doesn’t end when the banner comes down. After the event, Allied Effect will help you coordinate activities to raise awareness of your participation at your local Colorado event. We will search for positive Internet, television, and radio mentions, place relevant audio, photo, and video links on your company’s website, and both thank and invite the events’ participants to continue following you on social media.

Getting your Colorado-based business involved in local Colorado events supplies unlimited marketing potential for your business, allowing it to grow exponentially. Let Allied Effect take the strain of organizing, presenting, and following-up with the local event market off your back.

Please visit our Blog for more information about Allied Effect. You can also check out our Portfolio slideshow for samples of our work and contact us at info@alliedeffect.com to get started!