Trade Show Marketing

The importance of a strong trade-show presence for a small- or medium-sized business cannot be overstated. According to a 2014 Forrester study, up to 20% of all marketing budgets are dedicated to trade-show and event marketing. Fortunately, Allied Effect takes pride in our ability to successfully provide for an incredible trade-show experience for our clients and their customers. Our Portfolio slideshow can attest to that.

Whether you are looking to start Trade-Show Marketing for the first time or are looking for some ideas to better incorporate your business on the floor, contact Allied Effect. We take great care to rally your current customers to spread the word about your appearance at trade shows, which can lead to an influx in the number of their friends and colleagues who show up to visit your booth. We guarantee that your employees will receive the best trade-show training that we can provide so that they are privy to unique contexts and characteristics of a trade show. We will work hard to assure that your company’s appearance at the trade show is promoted prior to the event so that you can maximize the number of potential clients that visit your booth. Pre-show promotion also gives you a chance to connect with and present new products and services to your loyal, existing customer base.

Allied Effect will also be there at the show, assisting your employees in sparking the most engaging conversation topics to draw more clients to your table or booth. We will also guide you on the best methods of data capturing, methods that go beyond simple badge scanning and use paper- and tablet-based technologies to tag and follow client interest in your product. Our services will also increase lead generation, which will allow you to use our E-Mail Marketing Campaign and Social-Media Marketing services to their full potential.

After the show, Allied Effect will help you qualify the leads you obtained at the show. We will also help you craft the newfound information you retrieved during the trade show into professional, relevant marketing pieces and strategies for future use. Allied Effect can offer you several options to capitalize on your trade show efforts, including TV, Radio, and Billboard advertising services. Needless to say, we will help you put up and break down your table and booth before and after the event as well!

Please visit our Blog to learn more about Allied Effect and contact us at to begin your trade-show marketing plan today. You can also check out our Portfolio slideshow for samples of our work. Trade shows are our specialty, and we’d love to introduce you to our unique brand of promotion in the trade-show context.