Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become one of the most often used and interesting methods of online advertising within the last 20 years. PPC allows companies to work with the administrator of another website to host their ads and then pays the host each time the ad is clicked on. These clicks inherently lead to more sales, which makes it a win-win-win for the advertiser, host website, and product or service buyer. However, finding the right website on which to advertise can be costly and time consuming.

PPC can be tough to understand with so much misinformation out there; Allied Effect is here to partner with you and explain each step of the way. We take the time to research what will work and how well it will work for your marketing campaign. Combining our PPC strategies with our Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Banner Ad Design services will allow you to create comprehensive strategies that will promote your brand, increase your sales, and lead to an organic relationship with complementary businesses that cater to a similar target market as your own, creating a positive marketing cycle for your unique business, product, or service.

Allied Effect will work with larger, more traditional PPC advertising services, like Google AdWords PPC, and smaller, Colorado-focused advertising agencies to assure that your ad is seen and clicked on at a rate that exceeds the cost. Beyond simply placing your ad, Allied Effect will help you design your ad to grow your customer base and generate leads at a low cost to you.

Allied Effect will conduct keyword research to assure that you generate the most leads and clicks from people looking to purchase a product or service similar to the one you provide. We take care to confirm that you are not paying for tangential or filler search terms; if you sell cherry-colored lipstick, you don’t want to pay for construction workers looking for cherry pickers who accidently click on an ad for which they have no interest! We will produce an exhaustive and expansive list of key terms that will guarantee that the money you spend on PPC marketing provides a substantial return on investment.

Allied Effect will also maintain your PPC campaign by analyzing and optimizing click-through rates and relevant search terms so that you can focus on creating and providing your unique product or service for the Colorado market. We can also help you plan a budget and set monthly goals, which will allow your PPC marketing campaign to outperform itself month in and month out.

Additionally, Allied Effect’s PPC marketing strategies allow your business to work closely with businesses that cater to a portion of your target market. These organic partnerships allow your business to delve deeper into the client pool while extending good faith efforts to grow local Colorado-based businesses and promote one another with positive online and word-of-mouth reviews. By advertising or hosting advertisements on a PPC platform, your brand becomes a root of the Colorado small business lexicon, increasing awareness of your product or service as well as your profits. Let Allied Effect help you begin that journey today!

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